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Bricole Reincke of Southwest Ranches, fell in love with horses at an early age but did not start riding horses until she was in her mid-30s. Bricole is a now competitive horseback rider and was featured for being Grand Champion in the Low Hunter Division at the Heritage Horse Show. Read More on the Original News Source

For the past 15 years, Bricole Reincke has worked at Interactive Metronome. The company’s product is an interactive computer program that can be used by patients with a wide variety of disabilities, developmental delays, speech-language issues, and more. Bricole’s experience and work within the marketing department have brought this useful tool to a wider audience of healthcare and therapy professionals. The tool itself has countless studies showing the benefits it can present to users of every age and treatment goal. Because of this, she has advocated for an educational approach to the benefits that the company provides, and was directly responsible for the creation of the Education Department. This repository of educational materials helped with company grow to reach the thousands of clinicians it serves today. 

Bricole Reincke started at the company as a marketing coordinator in 2004, developing and implementing marketing and advertising campaigns while maintaining detailed records of data, both internal and external. She found success in this role, and though she enjoyed the role, she also recognized the ways she could better serve the company.

After 3 years as a coordinator, Bricole transitioned into the role of Director of the Marketing and Communications department. In this new role, she managed a much wider array of campaigns, seeking to maximize the market penetration of Interactive Metronome. In 2010, she found herself overseeing the launch of the IM-Home product, a new way of bringing the Interactive Metronome product to those who need it. As Brand Manager, she more closely monitored the branding and campaigning behind the product, ensuring that the product’s usefulness and benefits resonated with the target audience. Bricole’s success in this position brought her no small recognition for her hard work and sharp eye for the market.




Thanks to this recognition, Bricole Reincke was soon promoted to Vice President of Marketing. In this role. She was able to position herself to utilize her perspective that integrated her marketing expertise into the strategies of the marketing department as a whole. 

In her current role as Vice President, Bricole Reincke manages the marketing, support, and education departments. She utilizes her past experience to work with those in her past roles, ensuring the strategies that are enacted across the organization are consistent in their message and branding. She personally oversaw the creation of the education department of the company, in order to better market using the studies and research which show the benefits of the program. 

Bricole’s career has allowed her to utilize her creativity and talents in the marketing field to their fullest potential. Thanks to her acumen, the company’s marketing strategy gained an entirely new method of plying the font of material proving the efficacy of their product. She has nearly 20 years of her career tied with the upward trajectory of the Interactive Metronome company and is looking forward to continuing to build, innovate, and find new ways to bring the tool to clinicians across the globe.