Bricole Reincke Takes First Place at Heritage Horse Center Show

Bricole Reincke Horse Equestrian Horseback Riding Low Hunter Warmblood Equestrian Sports Heritage Horse Show Southwest RanchesBricole Reincke is an competitive amateur Equestrian. Bricole was featured on Read the Press Release here.

Bricole Reincke of Southwest Ranches, fell in love with horses at an early age but did not start riding horses until she was in her mid-30s. “As I was taking my dogs on a walk through my neighborhood, I saw a horse standing so silently in the trees in a neighbor’s yard. He was so still and majestic that I almost thought he could be a statue. I thought to myself that I would like to try horseback riding, but who starts something like that so late in life? I had always thought of horseback riding as something that a kid does. However, I went for it. I found a barn about a mile from my house and here I am three years later competing in horse shows and I own a horse,” says Reincke.

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