Bricole Reincke is an accomplished equestrian, having competed in several national and international events. In addition to her passion for horses, she is also the Vice President of Interactive Metronome, a leading company in the field of cognitive and behavioral training. Bricole is also a proud owner of several Miniature Australian Shepherds, which she adores and takes care of in her spare time on her hobby farm.

Despite her busy schedule, Bricole enjoys traveling and exploring different parts of the world. She particularly enjoys camel riding adventures, having explored the deserts of Morocco and Egypt. In her free time, Bricole also indulges in her love for painting, creating beautiful and vibrant pieces of art that capture her experiences and emotions.

Bricole’s diverse interests and accomplishments have allowed her to develop a unique perspective and approach to life, one that values creativity, innovation, and a deep connection to nature and animals.